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Customised MF2 with silver top and aluminum extruded handles.

Many options are available for your clients.

Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on professional advice, not only for the type and structure of their premises but also for many furniture items and their record management systems.

You may already have a shortlist of preferred systems and suppliers.

So why should you consider specifying Optiplan?

Our smart office filing solutions meet the following critical modern office requirements and we welcome comparisons to any other systems on the following points:


Space saving is a major plus of Optiplan cabinets to businesses today. For example, only one Optiplan six-drawer unit is equivalent in filing capacity to six traditional four-drawer suspension units or two lateral shelf type units…i.e. you gain around 66% more filing space in the width of an Optiplan cabinet!!
(save space diagram). 

A full range of OptiUnits, starting from mobile open and/or lockable hot desking trolleys, to standard width - or mini width - 2 drawer units which can also replace credenzas (and offer significantly more storage space) through to 3, 4, 5 and 6 drawer models, enables files and office accessories to be strategically placed where needed in the absolute minimum of space.

BUT – this is only the standard office range – the OptiMax Jumbo series offers a further 60% MORE filing space per drawer!!! e.g. Even a small 5 drawer model A4 OptiMax (a mere 142.5cms high) provides a huge 12 metres of filing/storage space! Occupational health considerations are therefore not a concern when providing large capacity filing storage.

With this superior capacity, you can now suggest many design storage options for clients to maximize their working environment by significantly reducing expensive floor areas; or to use the floor space for more productive purposes.


The original top filing configuration of an Optiplan system plus the easy-to-use OptiTab labelling gives it exceptional space and indexing advantages compared with suspension and lateral systems (shelving or racking). For example, (refer to htm#lifecycle">Life Cycle on Home Page) the filing storage container concept provides a proper and secure environment from transporting records, desktop activity, workstation storage right through to main office, central and archive file retention.

With current Privacy laws demanding increased attention to secure information handling, you can be sure that Optiplan systems provide your clients with perfect peace of mind. 


The OptiLabel system is the key to Optiplan's innovative but simple filing operation. Its primary indexing is based on a modern, fresh approach to tab positioning with only secondary recognition based on colour. This results in far greater indexing and sub-classifying versatility than is available with current methods. Smart office filing is quick and easy, which boosts productivity!

A full range of file grades is available which can also be overprinted and customised to suit any requirement. The files themselves offer your clients features not available with other systems, e.g. automatically expanding gussets and double flaps which minimize use of htm#filing clips">filing clips.

Further, an Optiplan system grows with your client’s business or downsizes too as a business is re-organised or relocated!


Gone are the days when ugly looking cabinets and cumbersome shelves or shelving units were acceptable in an office environment. Optiplan smart office filing systems aren’t only space efficient and smart – they’re designed to fully complement any office décor. And, being Australian manufactured, your clients can order in almost any local colours!


Why the smiles?  Why hand in hand?

Simple. Because the Optiplan system is so logical, versatile and simple to understand, computer users quickly recognise how Optiplan is an ideal element in forming the modern office.

Just as the computer makes use of sub-classification with "menus", Optiplan makes use of the same logic in a brilliantly simple display of indexing. This is seen as the most complementary hard copy system to computerised filing.

Optiplan is developing the next steps in integrating scanned documents into a centralized file warehouse which will be accessible to identified staff through a number of levels of access authorization, optionally defined by your client. 

Optiplan systems, of course, function perfectly in a totally non-computerised environment.

More information on this and other peripheral elements of digital filing will be available on this site, and of course through our staff, as soon as they are released.

6) COST:

The floor space savings alone are significant and this means less office rent, but the Optiplan system is also extremely cost efficient to run. There are many options and ranges so ask us for your specific details.

Contact Optiplan now and discuss how our smart office filing solutions save you space, time and money... and increase productivity.