Why the smiles ???

Simple! Optiplan systems function perfectly
well in a totally non-computerised environment.

But, because an Optiplan system is so logical, versatile and simple to understand, computer users quickly recognise how Optiplan is an ideal element in forming the modern office.

Our system is compatible with most Commercial and Medical practice computer programs!

Just as the computer makes use of sub-classification with "menus", Optiplan makes use of the same logic in a brilliantly simple display of indexing. This is seen as the most complementary hard copy system to computerised filing.

Optiplan recognises the need to keep abreast of advances in electronic information storage. To complement our comprehensive product line we provide an integrated solution for managing electronic documents. This simplifies the conversion and archival of physical documents to electronic format.

The product is MediaManager™, an electronic document management system which supports all document formats including text, photos and scanned images. MediaManager™ provides simple yet secure access to all documents through a standard web browser. It can be configured to fulfill many roles in your organisation, including the management of policies and procedures, client documentation, bills, consignment notes and multimedia.

The main characteristics of the MediaManager™ product are:

Stores any type of electronic documents

Simplicity of use

Comprehensive searching facilities for retrieval

New documents are easily and quickly created from templates

Flexible, extensive and highly customisable

Security features, all access is controlled and audited

Low cost of ownership

MediaManager™ has been developed by an Australian company, Optimus Solutions. Their client base consists of large and small organisations in many industries, and includes Blake Dawson Waldron, Phillips Fox, Deloittes, Optus, Ericsson, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Professional Public Relations, and State Warehousing and Distribution Services (SWADS).

Optiplan Smart Office Filing and MediaManager - Perfect partners for the modern office.