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All professional services such as:

Gain significant benefits when their records management is based on Optiplan smart office filing solutions.

For starters there are dramatic savings in space when you install Optiplan's top retrieval filing units.

Space saving is a major plus of Optiplan cabinets to businesses today. For example, an Optiplan six-drawer unit is equivalent in filing capacity to six, traditional four-drawer suspension units or two lateral shelf type units…i.e. you gain around 66% more filing space in the width of an Optiplan cabinet!! (save space diagram).

And saving space is saving money.

A full range of file grades is available which can be overprinted and customised to suit any requirement. The files themselves offer your clients features not available with other systems e.g.. Automatically expanding gussets and double flaps which minimize use of filing clips. Smart office filing is quick and easy, which boosts productivity!

The OptiLabel system is the key to Optiplan's innovative but simple filing operation. Its primary indexing is based on a fresh approach to tab positioning with secondary indexing based on colour. This concept is ideal for the many varied applications which are found in professional suites of all sizes. Ask for more information.

There are many applications which Optiplan has designed to suit all areas of professional services - these vary from mobile filing units ideal for hot desking to OptiMax jumbo filing cabinets for large volumes of records. All feature Optiplan's feather light control and operation.

Choose from a variety of Australian colours and finishes for your cabinets and make sure your smart filing solution looks as smart as the professional services you offer!

Contact Optiplan now and invite its experts to show you how Optiplan systems increase your office productivity cost effectively.