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The personal information records of your staff are vitally important in your business or organisation. They must be managed efficiently.

Lost or misplaced personnel files are unacceptable.

One of HR's key functions is to organise and maintain personnel referencing accurately. The records of each staff individual must be secure and when being updated, their information should be private.

Optiplan smart office filing systems are designed to optimise these important functions of your HR department. Unlike most filing systems, there is a choice of HR layouts for your information.

The unique, top filing design means that all staff files from salaries and superannuation to holidays and health days are organised for easy retrieval with precision at feather point touch.

A full range of files is available which can be overprinted and customised to suit any HR requirement.

The OptiLabel system is the key to Optiplan's innovative but simple filing operation. Its primary indexing is based on a fresh approach to tab positioning with secondary indexing based on colour (optional).

Filing is quick and easy, boosting productivity.

Optiplan also offers hot desking options which are ideal for your HR department because they facilitate referencing specific staff categories such as salaries.

Contact Optiplan now and discuss how its experts can show you how Optiplan solutions increase the efficiency of your HR department and comply with good corporate governance