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Patient file management is a critical element of daily life in medical practices. In large and busy clinics, daily organisation of patients may collapse without the right file management system.

Because patient files are being extracted daily ready for doctor consultations and re-filed, the process must be smooth and error free.

It's a fact that in some busy clinics without an Optiplan solution, files are misplaced and often lost. Not with an Optiplan system!

A full range of files is available and they can be overprinted and customised to suit any medical application.

Filing is quick and easy, which boosts productivity.

Optiplan originally designed its innovative and leading records management solutions for medical applications. Three major reasons why thousands of Doctors and Health Professionals now use Optiplan throughout Australia are:


Using Optiplan results in very significant and measurable space savings over other filing methods (save space diagram), while actually INCREASING efficiency. (In almost every other case, high density storage results in exactly the opposite!) 


Optiplan primary indexing is based on a fresh approach to tab positioning with only the secondary indexing based on colour. The Optiplan filing pre-printed scale facilitates filing alphabetically or numerically…. filing and retrieval speed is dramatically increased.

This is a major advantage compared to other filing methods


Using Optiplan saves costly increased floor space and, compared with other dedicated filing methods, Optiplan files and accessories are also much more cost efficient.

That's why Optiplan is the preferred choice in Australia by doctors and practice administrators with its range of medical filing solutions... known as MedFile.

Contact Optiplan now...and be smart with your filing of patient records, daily patient appointments, monthly patient appointments, suppliers, accounts, and invoices. (Also, it’s almost certain that we can improve your Administration filing as well!).

Ask Optiplan too, how its solutions are compatible with your current computer databases.

Referrals: There are medical practices in your area with Optiplan systems.
Contact Optiplan and we'll be happy to provide client referrals... then check out Optiplan's solutions at work for yourself.