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The application of Optiplan filing solutions within every area of hospitals or nursing homes is almost without limit... wherever records are kept, Optiplan means fast and accurate retrieval and re-filing through its unique design.

Productivity of staff in each hospital office department is increased dramatically.

Opti-files can be overprinted or customised to suit any applications such as hospital admissions, administration, casualty, pharmacy, intensive care, and private specialist consulting. For hospitals and nursing homes, the MedFile Ward Document Management system introduces new levels of efficiency and ease of administration to this vital area.

A full range of files is available to suit any hospital application.

Optiplan originally designed its innovative and leading records management solutions for medical applications. Three major reasons why thousands of Doctors and Health Professionals now use Optiplan throughout Australia are:


Using Optiplan results in very significant and measurable space savings over other filing methods (save space diagram), while actually INCREASING efficiency. (In almost every other case, high density storage results in exactly the opposite!)


Optiplan primary indexing is based on a fresh approach to tab positioning with only the secondary indexing based on colour. The Optiplan filing pre-printed scale facilitates filing alphabetically or numerically... filing and retrieval speed is dramatically increased. This is a major advantage compared to other filing methods and boosts productivity.


Using Optiplan saves costly increased floor space and, compared with other dedicated filing systems, Optiplan files and accessories are also much more cost efficient.

X-rays too can be filed in pockets in special Optiplan x-ray folders.

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